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Do You Know Your Donor Level?

Do You Know Your Donor Level?



During the RENEW campaign - which runs from April 1st through May 31st - we’re asking our donors, “Do you know your level?”


Knowing your donor level means knowing what special donor incentives you’ve qualified for, so we want to make sure that you “know your level.”  




If you don’t know your donor level or benefits, look no further. Here's a overview for you:


  • If you’ve given as little as $50 to Heartland in the past year, you’re in one of our special categories of donors.

  • Your membership at any given level starts the day we process your donation and continues for the next 365 days.  Your membership won’t run out just because the calendar year changes (unless you joined on January 1st).  You’ve got a whole year to enjoy the benefits of being in a given donor level.

  • If you make additional donations throughout that year, we’ll add them to your yearly total and, if applicable, we’ll bump you up to a higher donor level for the rest of your year.


Heartland offers a donor level for every budget.  Our categories reflect the wide range of support that Heartland’s mission of changing lives through song receives from our community:


  • Associate: $50 to $99

  • Sustainer: $100 to $249

  • Benefactor: $250 to $499

  • Patron: $500 to $999

  • Sponsor: $1,000 to $2499

  • Underwriter: $2,500 to $4,999

  • Director’s Circle Member: $5,000 to $9,999

  • Maestro: $10,000


We offer benefits to each level on this list, with additional benefits for higher levels of support.  Do you know what benefits you qualify for?


  • All donors receive:

    • The Voice, Heartland’s printed quarterly newsletter that’s full of the information our donors love: education program notes, historical notes about the vocal arts, Heartland vocal artist profiles, concert dates, and information about how you can get involved Heartland

    • Listing by name and (when we have enough space) donor level for each donor

    • Invitations to attend donor events, pre-concert talks, and post-concert receptions

    • Access to reserved seating at some concerts

  • All donors at the Benefactor through Maestro levels qualify for a Passport, which provides exclusive ticket discounts at Heartland’s concerts.

  • All Maestro level donors qualify for a lifetime Passport for discounted rates on all concerts that will never expire.


When you make a qualifying donation of $50 or more during the RENEW campaign, you’ll enjoy the benefits of your donor level for the rest of the year.  Joining our donor levels during the RENEW campaign can provide a doubled impact, too: not only will you enjoy these benefits, your donation will be matched by one of Heartland’s generous donors!


But don’t wait long - We only have until May 31st to reach our goal of raising $50,000, which our donor will match for a total of $100,000.  Let’s RENEW Heartland’s mission of changing lives through song together this spring!

PS: If you don’t know your current donor level, contact us. We’ll be happy to let you know what your level is and when your year will reset.

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