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Why Become a Monthly Coda Donor? (Hint: It’s Not Just for Barry Manilow)

Why Become a Monthly Coda Donor? (Hint: It’s Not Just for Barry Manilow)

Have you heard that Heartland Sings is offering an amazing giveaway to our first Coda Donors?  We’ve got just a few pairs of tickets to give away to see Heartland’s singers perform live onstage with Barry Manilow at the War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne on April 22nd at 7:30pm, and we’re giving them away to new Coda Donors!


Want to find out more about how you can become a Coda Donor by setting up an automated monthly donation to Heartland Sings for as little as $5 per month?  Click here to read our Match Monday blog post about it, or click here to go directly to the donation page and become a Coda Donor today.


Why is Heartland Sings developing a recurring donation program?  The answer is simple: as a nonprofit company in the competitive marketplace of the arts, Heartland’s goal is to be innovative not only in artistic programming, but also with creating flexible opportunities for donors to invest in our mission. Recurring donation programs are increasingly popular around the globe. According to Helen Flannery and Rob Harris’s 2009 donor analytics report, recurring gifts accounted for more than half of the donations made to international nonprofits.  Here in the U.S., they only made up 10% of national nonprofit fundraising, though in the years since Flannery and Harris’s report the trend to offer monthly giving options for U.S. nonprofit donors has been on the rise.


Heartland saw an opportunity to launch its own monthly donation program, Coda Donors, in conjunction in the RENEW match campaign to give monthly donors an added incentive to make a committed investment in our vision for the future of the arts in our community.  We’re leading the way as an innovative nonprofit company!


Why are recurring monthly donations important to nonprofits?  Here are three reasons that we’re hoping you’ll consider becoming a Coda Donor (not counting the chance to see Barry Manilow):

1. Monthly givers give more.

According to Network for Good, the average monthly donation to U.S. nonprofits is $52.  Over a year, that amount totals up to $624.  For Heartland during the RENEW campaign, that total would be doubled to $1,248!  That doubles our ability to share the gift of song with students in local and regional community schools!

2. Monthly givers are the most loyal.

Research by nonprofit services provider Blackbaud finds that monthly donors not only give more over a year - sometimes by making one-time gifts in addition to their recurring donations - they also return year after year with continued donations.  In the company’s report, they explain that of “donors who had given for five or more consecutive years, those who gave only single gifts gave a median $135 while those who gave only recurring gifts gave a median $232.”  In the same report, Blackbaud indicates that 26% of first-time donors who give a single donation give another gift during the next year, while 68% of first-time donors who signed up to make recurring gifts returned and 85% of first-time donors who made both single and recurring donations continued to make additional donations in the next year.

3. Monthly donors create stability for the nonprofit they’re contributing to.

Network for Good reports that 33% of donations made by individuals comes during the holidays (otherwise known as tax write-off season).  That’s a great Christmas gift for any nonprofit!  But recurring gifts allow us to have more predictable income and steady cashflow so that at any point during the year we can get new music for our school outreach programs, or work on new community concerts (or even fix broken office printers!). Monthly donations across the year help create stability for Heartland so that we can adapt to new opportunities as needed.


For all these reasons, not just the chance to get a pair of Barry Manilow tickets, we’re hoping you’ll become a Coda Donor.  But if the chance to see Heartland sing alongside Barry Manilow is the incentive that grabs your interest, don’t wait!  We only have a few pairs of tickets left, and they’ll go to the first Coda Donors who sign up, while supplies last.


To become a Heartland donor today, go to HeartlandSings.org/Donate


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