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Taking It Up an Octave – Part Two
Creative development will transform at Heartland, as a result of the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign.
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Taking It Up an Octave – Part One
This week is about the economic impact of Heartland’s new vision made possible by the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign.
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Maestro's thoughts on the words of John Rutter.
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March 23 is Arts Advocacy Day - let's explore the impact of the arts and how Heartland fulfills its mission as an arts advocate.
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In episode 1 of the Heartland Podcast, Director of Communications Janice Furtner sits down with founding Artistic Director Maestro Robert Nance to talk about the changes taking place. Maestro Nance, who is very excited about the prospect of Heartland's evolution and the national search to fill eight full time professional vocal artists positions, gives a quick overview of the importance of this move and how it impacts Fort Wayne, the industry and other performing arts organizations.
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The Greatest Singers on Earth
Who are the greatest singers on Earth? Though 5400 species can sing, only one does it in community: the human race.
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Heartland Founder and Artistic Director makes the case for strategic plans that help to sustain the careers artists in our community.
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Founded in 1997 by Maestro Robert Nance, Heartland Sings creates a variety of vocal music productions and educational outreach programs.

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