As a vocal studio we understand the importance of the piano to singers. Our teachers are some of the best teachers in Fort Wayne. They know how to teach piano, are accomplished performers in their own right and hold a Master's or Doctoral degrees in their specialty area of music. They also understand the art of accompanying.

The focus on accompanying singers makes piano lessons different at Heartland Sings vocal studios, where piano lessons are based on building an understanding of the unique collaboration of voice and piano. Accompanying requires knowledge of how a piano part relates to vocal, instrumental, or choral settings and creates a deeper understanding of music as pianists and singers or instrumentalists work together as a team. Piano lessons for singers enhance their musicianship, ear training, and discipline.

Collaboration also heightens the music-making experience, often removes the pressure on “solo” performers, and opens doors to other performing opportunities, such as performing with a church, school or community choir. During piano lessons, both voice and piano students build confidence, social awareness and thoughtfulness by working with another musician. And it’s fun!


Not sure lessons are for you? BEFORE enrolling...check us out!

All interested students receive a FREE 45-minute trial lesson as our gift, during which time a financial assistance assessment can also be given pertaining to future lesson costs. Following that lesson, students can then choose to enroll in either single lessons or a package of lessons...or simply walk away with our blessings.

Bottom line...we are invested in your success as a pianist, and are here to help you on your way!

Single Lesson

  • 30-minutes - $35
  • 45 minutes - $50
  • 60 minutes - $60

4-lesson package

Approximately a 7% discount
  • 30-minutes - $130
  • 45 minutes - $185
  • 60 minutes - $225

12-lesson package

Approximately an 8% discount
  • 30-minutes - $385
  • 45 minutes - $550
  • 60 minutes - $650
Students may pay for lessons by credit card, check (made payable to Heartland Sings), or cash.

Payment plans available upon request. Please contact keith@heartlandsings.org for more information. 

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Learn more about our teachers:

Josiah Lund

Interested in scheduling a complimentary assessment lesson? Call us at (260) 436-8080 or submit an inquiry through our online form below.
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About Heartland Sings

Heartland Sings, Inc. is a nonprofit vocal music production company based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Founded in 1997 by Maestro Robert Nance, Heartland Sings creates a variety of vocal music productions and educational outreach programs.

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