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Taking It Up an Octave – Part Two

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Taking It Up an Octave – Part Two

For Heartland, “up an octave” represents more than the musical meaning of raising the pitch. It represents moving forward with our mission as a professional vocal ensemble to change lives through song. With a generous gift from Gloria Fink and the Fink Foundation, Heartland started the “Taking It Up an Octave Campaign” to establish a capitalization fund of $1.6 million. This fund will be used to hire a team of full-time professional vocal artists and support staff so that Heartland may enter the marketplace using a sustainable, revenue producing business model.

We invite everyone – patrons and lovers of the vocal arts and music – to participate in helping Heartland create a new performing arts industry standard. This blog series about the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign is your tool to understand how your contribution will impact the future.

Creative development will transform at Heartland, as a result of the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign.

People have about 48 thoughts every minute, according to USC’s Laboratory of Neuro Imaging. These thoughts range from mundane errands to a stroke of genius. Artists in particular have a unique way of thinking. They find beauty in the simplest things and change others’ perspectives with new ideas. To turn these ideas into reality, the resources must be in place. That is precisely what the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign will do for Heartland.

As we discussed in the previous blog about economic impact, Heartland will have 8 full-time Vocal Artists, 24 part-time singers in the Chorale, and over 300 members in a volunteer Festival Chorus. These are Heartland’s resources, with which we will develop creatively to generate new productions and enhance audience favorites.

The individual ensembles unify the organization. The Eight are the core of Heartland performances. They will perform alongside the Chorale and Festival Chorus in large-scale productions and are the featured performers in smaller concerts. The Chorale complements the Eight in classical performances. The Festival Chorus will accompany the Eight and Chorale in concerts that require a full chorus, such as Carmina Burana or Handel’s Messiah.

Heartland can cater to an expanding audience. More time will be dedicated to rehearsals, because the Eight are full-time employees. This means more time is spent crafting new concerts. Some people love the swinging big band jazz sound; others enjoy the music of today’s pop hits. Heartland will present concerts in a variety of genres. From a cappella to Broadway to sacred classical, Heartland concerts suit everyone’s taste in music.

Our current concerts will not be left behind, but enhanced to improve the audience’s experience. We have taken one step in this direction by introducing our Swingin’ Singin’ New Year’s Eve. It includes the same tunes you love by our Jazz Quintet, but it also provides much more: a full big band, a photo booth, food and drink, dancing, and memories with loved ones. Through the capital from the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign, Heartland’s ability to provide these fun extras is amplified.

A contribution to the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign sparks creativity, giving Heartland the power to develop both new and current music productions for our expanding audience. We at Heartland are artists, who bring our ideas to life, and share them with you, our audience.

If you would like more information about the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign or would like to make a pledge, contact us at (260) 436-8080 or click to donate online.

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