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Taking It Up an Octave – Part Four

Taking It Up an Octave – Part Four

For Heartland, “up an octave” represents more than the musical meaning of raising the pitch. It represents moving forward with our mission as a professional vocal ensemble to change lives through song. With a generous gift from Gloria Fink and the Fink Foundation, Heartland started the “Taking It Up an Octave Campaign” to establish a capitalization fund of $1.6 million. This fund will be used to hire a team of full-time professional vocal artists and support staff so that Heartland may enter the marketplace using a sustainable, revenue producing business model.

We invite everyone – patrons and lovers of the vocal arts and music – to participate in helping Heartland create a new performing arts industry standard. This blog series about the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign is your tool to understand how your contribution will impact the future.

In Part Four, we discuss how contributions to the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign will create sustainability for the arts.

Creative people are innovators; they can find a solution for a problem you were unaware of. Always forward thinking, creatives find new ways to work and entertain. However, today’s non-profit arts groups, which are filled with creatives, are not able to innovate as organizations.

Admission and ticket sales alone do not recoup the costs to put on events, exhibitions, and productions. Non-profit organizations primarily receive their funding through grants and the kindness of their donors who believe in their values. In their current state, these organizations stay afloat, but are unable to function efficiently enough to move forward in their mission. Being in a constant state of trying to cover expenses does not lead to sustainability. With the capital from the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign, Heartland is setting out to change that, by working from the inside out and making the changes to become a revenue-producing, non-profit arts group.

Being a revenue-producing non-profit simply means that Heartland generates more income than is needed to function. This is possible through the multiple ensembles’ versatility. By producing multiple instances of the same concert, the production cost can be offset by the ticket sales. Any income made through the concerts is not going toward the general operation expenses of the organization, but instead toward creating more educational programming, free community events, and member benefits.

Once this vision is implemented successfully, Heartland will teach other non-profit arts organizations how to make changes toward sustainable practices. With other groups emulating this vision, the non-profit performing arts industry will be invigorated. This metamorphosis of the industry gives more people access to the arts, and will overwhelmingly change more lives through song.

Non-profit arts groups can be innovative. They are filled with creatives, who breathe life into art. Let’s continue to keep it alive. Contributions to the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign ultimately create sustainability for the arts. Please join us in continuing to change lives through song.

If you would like more information about the Taking It Up an Octave Campaign or would like to make a pledge, contact us at (260) 436-8080 or donate online here.

This concludes the Taking It Up an Octave blog series. Missed any of the previous parts? You can check them out here:

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