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Voice Lessons: What's the Point?

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Article written by: Susanna Lauer


Screen Shot 2019-06-...Do you...     

  • Love to sing?
  • Love to learn? 
  • Need a self care routine? 
  • Get nervous when auditioning and/or performing?
  •  Want a toolbox of  skills to navigate and  learn how to use your  voice? 

If you answered “YES”  to  any of these   questions, then voice lessons could be for you!                                     

Singing is different from playing any other instrument, because you ARE your instrument. Since your voice is part of your body (and part of your identity), you might feel nervous about being judged. Maybe you’ve thought, “If I don’t sing well, then people won’t like me,” or “Why would people want to hear me sing? I can’t sing like (insert name of famous singer).” Well, the teachers at Heartland Sings are here to tell you that everyone has those worries, and they are not true! Everyone’s voice is different, and it deserves to be heard. Whether you have never sung a note or have years of experience, we guarantee that when you come into the Heartland studio, you will find a judgement-free zone. Your lesson will become a time to rejuvenate, to learn, and to discover how unique and special your own voice can be. We have dealt with fears and worries about our voice just like you, and we have learned to use that energy in a positive way. We likewise encourage our students to “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” because the confidence and learning that results is priceless.

Screen Shot 2019-06-...   In your first lesson, we will address…

      - Your goals and reasons for beginning lessons

      - Breathing and becoming vocally fit (like a singing athlete!)

      - Having FUN as you belt out those amazing tunes inside of            you!

   As we continue, those three core aspects (Goals, Breathing,         and FUN!) will remain a priority, and the guidelines we follow as we explore your voice.


We have some amazing summer specials for you to dip your toes in and see what voice lessons are like. But they won’t last forever! Call us at Heartland Sings Vocal Studios, (260) 436-8080, or email us at to learn more.

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