Young people who begin singing in some fashion by at least the third grade learn to communicate better and subsequently test well. Singers are four times more likely to succeed than those who do not sing. The experience of singing empowers young people to find their greater selves and helps develop a strong sense of community, thus building better citizens who experience greater success as adults. Our unique educational programs focus on four main areas; (1) curriculum based programs for pre-kindergarten, elementary and middle school age students; (2) Arts Integrated Residencies for elementary school students; (3) fine arts based, career building programs for middle school, high school, and college students; and (4) intensive vocal study (masterclasses, voice lessons, and the Vocal Arts Institute) for students who would like to explore a more in depth journey into the Vocal Arts.

These educational programs help students develop their 21st century skills of creative thinking, communication, teamwork and leadership. Our highly qualified staff is well equipped to understand the educational needs of our community and committed to providing programs that promote lifelong learning for all. Consider enhancing your students’ education through one of our many programs!


Based on nearly 21 years of experience, Heartland Sings firmly believes that programs of this nature are an investment into the cultural health of our society. Those with singing experience are known to be the community's most dynamic and creative thinkers, among the best and brightest and the community's civic leaders, philanthropists, volunteers and lovers of music and culture.

We have also found that experiencing song, whether singing or listening, helps to create a higher quality of life for citizens, enhancing their emotional, physical and spiritual health throughout their entire life. Thus one of Heartland's highest priorities is to provide as many singing experiences for citizens of all ages, from early childhood through retirement.


Please contact Susanna Lauer, Director of Development and Education at or 260-436-8080 to learn more about Heartland Sings' educational opportunities.

Support Provided by:

Howard P. Arnold Foundation
Eric A. and Mary C. Baade Foundation
English, Bonter, Mitchell Foundation
Ian and Mimi Rolland Foundation
Indiana Arts Commission
PNC Charitable Trusts

Heartland Sings, Inc. is a nonprofit vocal music production company based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Founded in 1997 by Maestro Robert Nance, Heartland Sings creates a variety of vocal music productions and educational outreach programs.

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