Curriculum Based Programs

In our curriculum based programs, Heartland Sings connects with students in kindergarten through high school.  Taught by our Principal Teaching Artists with advanced music degrees, these programs provide students with a depth of knowledge in language acquisition, literacy, history, and civics as addressed in the Indiana Academic Standards.  By utilizing music enjoyment, creation, and performance as a means of hands-on learning, Heartland Sings provides students with highly-engaging teamwork opportunities and in-class activities all designed to stimulate learning and retention at a deep level. 

LALA:  Language Acquisition & Literacy through the Arts

The Heartland Sings LALA program is a highly-engaging, sixteen-week, in-person and video component language acquisition and literacy curriculum for First Grade Students, using music, singing, and acting to learn and apply critical skills specifically delineated in the Indiana Academic Standards.  Each week, there are two LALA class sessions - one in-person with our Heartland Sings Teaching Artists, and a second using videos that reinforce all they learned through engaging and fun songs, scenes, and descriptions.  The program culminates in the students both writing and performing their very own opera creation that delightfully demonstrates the new words and story skills they have learned.    

A 16-Week First Grade Curriculum - Click for more details


A DIY Adventure: Opera the Way YOU Make it!

Have you or your students ever read a story and wished you were the author? If you’re thinking, “Yes!” then A DIY Adventure is the perfect show for you! In the course of 45 minutes, our Principal Teaching Artists take students on a wild ride as they work together to create a completely original story from start to finish. In the true tradition of opera, students will sing, dance, and act to help bring the story to life, while reinforcing state mandated language arts standards such as Setting, Characters, Details, Problems, and Solutions. So get ready to join us, because it’s time to create and perform an original opera!  


To book this 45-minute program for your classroom or larger school assembly, email, or call 260-436-8080 


Summer Sing Playground

Summer Sing Playground is a custom designed music education program for local educational organizations that is provided twice weekly (30 minutes per session) for five weeks during the summer. By incorporating the elements of music (beat, pitch, timbre, tempo, form, and texture) into play-based activities that joyfully encourage musical exploration and expression, students experience a wide range of growth not only musically, but also in social, educational, physical, and emotional areas. With a uniquely chosen theme every summer, each week as our Principal Teaching Artists engage with the students, we encourage organizational staff, aids, and volunteers to play and sing along!  

To bring the Summer Sing Playground to your organization, email, or call 260-436-8080.

About Heartland Sings

Heartland Sings, Inc. is a nonprofit vocal music production company based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Founded in 1997 by Maestro Robert Nance, Heartland Sings creates a variety of vocal music productions and educational outreach programs.

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